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How to be yourself... June 24 2018

A blonde woman in front of a clear blue sky has a smiler on her face and her hands in the air pointing to a title saying 'How to be yourself..'
I think at some point in a lot of peoples lives, we struggle with being our most authentic self. Whether this be because we're afraid of being vulnerable, afraid of the response or reaction we'll get or simply because we just haven't discovered *WHO* we are yet.


I've had an on and off identity crisis for many years, haha. I feel like I've 'tried on' many different versions of myself. Some versions were to please other people, they were either a watered down version of my true self or something else entirely, shaped by someone I wanted to please or impress. This is a sure way to make you miserable. 


Sometimes my identity crisis was fuelled by my body feeling so separate from my mind, my mind was so over-active and my body so under-active.. so sick and fragile. When illness starts to strip away parts of your life that you enjoy, that you feel (or felt) made you - YOU.. it's tough to figure out what is left. 


I started thinking about identity a lot recently because it's something so integral to VelvetVolcano (and me). I design pieces meant to help express our identity, our creativity, our flair and our uniqueness and I have a lot of wonderful customers who are rocking their style and being their unrestricted, fabulous true selves.. and so I wanted to hear from them *how* they learnt to be their true selves and what advice they had for others (especially younglings, because that's usually when we struggle most with expressing ourselves.. and when we most need the encouragement and support to do just that). 
So on the VelvetVolcano facebook page, I asked... 
I've been thinking today about the comments some of us get for 'dressing unusually' and how this can really effect some of us (especially when we're young) and stifle our self expression. What advice would you have for someone struggling with showing their 'true colours'?
 I've been thinking today about the comments some of us get for 'dressing unusually' and how this can really effect some of us (especially when we're young) and stifle our self expression. What advice would you have for someone struggling with showing their 'true colours'?  


Originally I had just intended this to be about how we dress and express ourselves through fashion, but I feel like the responses actually are great advice for 'being you' in general in all facets of your life. Here's some of my favourite responses.. 


"No one gets to live your life for you, and when all the nasty comments have gone you’ve got to live with what you did or didn’t do in life... chose to live your life the way you want. Always live your best life, and if that’s by dressing in a different way go for it. It serves you and that’s the most important thing . 

I spoke to girls in their teens who wanted to change things about themselves... when they’re in their 30s/40s life has been hard, maybe they’ve had a couple of kids or whatever, they’ll look back at their teenage years and say “why didn’t I love what I had then?”"
- Jade Parsons


A lovely post from Tonnii Wills about her absolute rockstar mum - 
"Things my mum used to tell me:
'Their opinion is their own, it has nothing to do with you. You do you.'
'No one has to like it other then you, you're the one wearing it'
'Does it make you happy/comfortable? yes? then nothing else matters' 
My mum was one of the strongest women I've ever met. 
She bought me up to be myself and ignore social construct. 
I got in trouble for dying my hair and wearing a studded belt at school, so when she had to come in to talk to them, she scraped all her back into a ponytail, dyed her ponytail hot pink (bare in mind her hair was ice blonde) re-pierced both her entire ears, and went to the school meeting wearing jeans, DMs, a 'mans' shirt and leather jacket, and asked them what the issue was. . .ICONIC! 

Got bullied for being the 'goth kid', she told me I didn't need to be like everyone else and encouraged me to be myself. 
I shaved my hair off (grade 5) leaving just my fringe the next day and wore my new rocks to school. 

People need to learn the lessons she tried to teach. Instead of trying to tear people down and make them all fit into nicely organised moulds like something out of a factory line, how about we just embrace everyone's differences, celebrate their individuality, and live our best lives."


 "At the end of the day, you cannot control what other people think or feel. You need to deal with how you feel about it. You need to remind yourself that it's your own views of yourself that are valid. And that's it really, not everyone is a closed minded idiot too. Just embrace being you." Jennova Parker


PLUS, some really great quotes were mentioned, including.. 
"Be a flamingo in a flock of pigeons."
"Mermaids don't lose sleep over the opinions of shrimp." 
"A lion does not concern himself with the opinion of sheep."
“Always be a unicorn in a field of horses”.
“You might be the only rainbow someone sees on a grey day.”
“You can be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there's still going to be somebody who hates peaches.” - Dita Von Teese


 I have always loved 'standing out in a crowd', which was hard for some of my family members. Their criticism of my creative expression (my pink hair, my brightly coloured tights, my spiked chokers, my synthetic dreads etc) hurt and really effected how I presented myself for a long time.. which lead me to internalise so much and really struggle with 'who' I was as I felt like the 'real me' wasn't accepted by some people who were supposed to love me unconditionally. I can only imagine how hard this is for someone who comes out as gay or transgender to an un-approving family member. I think the turning point for me really came when my illness really kicked into gear and I could no longer do anything I enjoyed doing and I had to really search inside myself for who I was underneath everything... that and being rushed to A&E in a giraffe onesie pretty much cemented me no longer giving a f*@$! 😉

I'd love to hear more thoughts and experiences on this from both sides of the coin, if you're currently struggling with expressing yourself / being your true self or if you've overcome the fear and are unapologetically YOU! 


Much love and sparkles,

Working to reduce our plastic use! June 18 2018

For a while now at VelvetVolcano we have been working towards using as little single-use plastic as possible and making our packaging as environmentally friendly as we can. 

I am so happy to be at the stage we are now with our packaging where ALL of it is either recyclable or re-usable ^_^. Let me talk you through it...

"I'm coming out" The girl behind the sparkles... September 28 2016 4 Comments

I have tried for a long time to keep my business and my private life as separate as they possibly can be. Partly because I am deeply confused on where the line is drawn for maintaining some professionalism (haha!) and partly to retain some sanity.
You see, VelvetVolcano is my only true escape from the rest of my life, which revolves entirely around my illness. I am unfortunately not able to enjoy any hobbies other than Netflix watching (which honestly, is a freaking godsend for my situation!), the occasional video game and very occasionally a 'walk' with my dogs and partner (I walk a couple of metres being supported by my partner while my knees buckle and then sit down while they run around in the field :) ). VV is the special, sparkly land I am able to escape to when my body allows me some time away from pain. 
I feel like it may be time (especially in light of my 'Planet VelvetVolcano' Indiegogo Campaign a little while ago where I mention 'the illness') to shed some light on 'the girl behind the sparkles' and how important VelvetVolcano is to me (and therefore all of you who support it and therefore me..) and why.

Throughout the majority of my life I have been sick in some manner. It started out fairly simply, nothing too concerning, things a lot of kids struggle with at some point.. allergies, asthma... I was also born with a condition called Brown's Eye Syndrome, but that has not caused me too much trouble and I barely notice it. 
My allergies and asthma progressed to the point where my seasonal allergies were so bad I had to take time off of school repeatedly, I kept getting recurrent chest infections, eventually bronchitis and then at age 11 I contracted Pneumonia and one of my lungs collapsed. 
I was in hospital for around 2 weeks, where I met some truly lovely nurses and doctors who re-inflated my lung and drained the fluid. I also met a girl, around age 16, who had attempted suicide. I didn't realise until very recently how much this had affected me at the time. 

Once I had healed enough to go back to school, I found that everything had changed. Except no-one around me had changed. That was the problem. I had changed so hugely, I had such a different perspective on life and my own mortality (which I had never considered before then) and all of my friends were still children (as they should have been). I felt extremely isolated and this carried on throughout my teenage years and got worse with time. 
As we moved into secondary school, I was an easy target for bullies, I was having a huge identity crisis as I felt like I had nothing in common with whatever group of people I happened to be in at the time and so some cruel kids decided to make me their target. 
At age 12 I was diagnosed with depression and was plagued with constant thoughts of suicide. I began pulling out my hair, which I later realised, after one of my friends noticed the bald spot on my head,  was a disorder called 'trichotillomania' I had also begun compulsively picking my skin till it bled and scarred ('dermatillomania').
Around this time I also began 'hallucinating', they started with somewhat comforting images like seeing Mario (from Super Mario Bros) jumping over some buildings out of one of our school windows (while standing at the top of a set of stairs a bully had tried to push me down a while before, I now believe that was a reaction to my anxiety about that event, trying to comfort myself). They later became more violent and I particularly remember a little while after Madeleine McCann went missing that I 'saw' the sky turn red and start 'falling'... I felt so connected to that tragedy in that moment and got completely wrapped up in it. Since then I have also 'seen' very graphic images that I have realised is a form of OCD, thankfully that I am able to manage more effectively these days, but in particularly vulnerable times my walls can come down to it and I am plagued with lots of horrible visuals and very realistic and horrible dreams too that make my sleep and therefore energy levels even more compromised. 

At age 14 I started becoming extremely fatigued, my joints started hurting and I felt very ill a lot of the time. Over the course of my time at secondary school I missed a lot of days due to anxiety, my physical health (I was also having a lot of dental treatment over this time including an operation) and depression. My attendance was 66%. No-one (especially me) understood why I was feeling this way and I got the brush off from professionals (and people around me) for many years. I was "too young" to be feeling this way, so it must not exist. I was stuck between feeling this pain and exhaustion and people telling me it wasn't real, it was all in my head (because I already had mental health issues, that was an easy way to explain away my symptoms that they couldn't figure out). 
Finally at age 18 I was diagnosed first with Hypermobility (which allowed me to have a scribe for my exams, which was a huge help in one respect but given my increasingly poor memory cognition it almost made it harder because I was constantly stumbling over my words and getting confused while trying to lay out my thoughts in a coherent manner :P ) and finally(!!) Fibromyalgia. 
I was put on various forms of medication, all of which didn't make a huge amount of difference or just made other issues worse (or gave me a whole range of new symptoms). 
Over time my illness progressed, I tried various different natural treatments, different diet adjustments etc and nothing 'worked'. My allergies got ten times worse and I developed intolerances to an alarming amount of foods (my diet is extremely limited, there are literally 10 foods I can eat when I'm doing well, but this often gets reduced down to 2-3 during flare ups) and sometimes even the foods I can usually eat will cause pain and severe nausea, IBS issues, joint/muscle pain, allergic reactions etc. I started getting extreme lower abdominal pain and was admitted to hospital multiple times, with the paramedics coming out a few times between that too. I couldn't eat at all for months, lost 2 stone and could only take in carrot and apple juice. There was a constant burning in my stomach and every evening I would be in agony all throughout my torso (which would often spread elsewhere too) and barely able to move while my partner did whatever he could to ease my pain. Around this time my partner or Dad often had to carry me up the stairs, my partner was having to feed me my pain killers because I didn't have the strength to hold them or the water myself, he also had to help me to the toilet, to bathe etc. 
I have had periods of remission since then, some small breakthroughs and some times when I have been feeling a lot better... but right now I seem to be back to my worse yet again and even worse still. 
I have lost a lot more weight, have a lot of muscle wastage and am using a wheelchair on any trips to the doctors etc as I cannot walk further than a few metres and need assistance with most things, I then need to rest as I am so exhausted / my legs hurt too much. I am waiting on 10 blood tests, stool and urine samples, appointments for allergy patch testing (my last reaction resulted in an ambulance and scary A&E visit), a CT scan of my chest, an appointment with the pain clinic and an appointment with a neurologist as well as monitoring from my gastroenterologist and rheumatologist. I cannot go out without my air purifier or filtered face mask as chemicals, environmental pollution, dust etc all make my chest very tight and painful and give me breathing difficulties as well as bringing on migraines, sore throat etc.
My mental health is on most days at it's worst, though I am constantly striving to keep a handle on it and not lose myself to my illnesses... I want to be a positive role model for others struggling with chronic illness and disability... which is another reason VV is so important.
But for a long time I haven't been able to dedicate much time at all to my business (about 2 hours in total every couple of days), which has been extremely difficult as my true self is a workaholic and an eternal 'creative'. This has partly been because I only have a small amount of energy each day and sometimes that is taken up either by a trip to the doctors (and then I cannot do anything else that day other than watching something on my computer or 'maybe' playing a video game) or by showering (with help) etc. and partly because of overwhelming pain, migraines and due to the joints in my my right hand becoming very stiff and painful and unable to bend my finger joints like I need to to do certain parts of my work etc.

Now, I am not talking about this to gain any sympathy or to 'moan' or anything like that.. but there has been such a huge divide between my business and my declining health and I have felt so torn in both directions that I feel I must now be honest about my 'real life' because it now effects my work so much... I don't want it to. I want to be the girl you see in the middle of this photo, not the girl on the outside, but that is where I am at and I must accept it for the time being in order to actually gain some balance and hopefully get better.


So, I am coming out. I am chronically ill and disabled. I am also a business owner, designer, creator, artist, dreamer. My health problems impact my work a lot so I may sometimes not respond to emails or queries as quickly as I'd like (though I do usually push myself even when I'm feeling badly to do so as I value you all so much  ) or my order processing times may be longer than another business or a large company... but I am so passionate about my work. Everything you see in my shop and receive in the post :) has so much love weaved into it. VelvetVolcano is my baby, I started my business while struggling with chronic illness and I will continue that way, just with adjustments :). I will not give her up without a fight. 

Much love, best wishes and eternal sparklies to you all!


Planet VelvetVolcano May 29 2016


Hey gals and ghouls :)

If you follow me on social media you may have already seen that I have launched 'Planet VelvetVolcano' my Indiegogo campaign where I am hoping to raise funds to expand VelvetVolcano into a fashion and home wares brand too!

So, you may be wondering.. Why am I asking for your support?
Though I think every creator deserves support in their journey, there is a specific reason why I have set up this campaign. 
I have struggled with varying degrees of illness all my life, some I have battled and conquered and some still firmly have their hold on me and often make running my business (or functioning at all) very difficult (and on some days, impossible). 
When I started VV it was without any funding and with very little money as I was (and am) physically unable to get a 'standard' job, I kept building VV with the money I was making but without any additional funding, it was very difficult to expand the brand any further. 
Since then, while trying to find a balance between keeping myself well and building my business, every penny had been going straight back into my business (for supplies) and to making sure I'm well enough to continue it (and mostly to the latter, which as a workaholic, I find very frustrating :) ).
Working from home gives me pretty flexible hours and allows me to work hard when I'm feeling good and to have some much needed rest when my body is fighting me, something I would not be able to get in a 'normal' job. VelvetVolcano also gives me great joy and a feeling of control which I often feel desperately out of when my illnesses are flaring. 
But as described in the video above, running a business with little to no funding behind it makes it very difficult to progress… and there are still so many sparkly things in VelvetVolcano’s future.

Check out my video below for more details on the campaign and my main goals.

Your support would not only mean the world to me but it would help ensure I have a stable income and help me to continue doing what I love. 
I have many plans to build VelvetVolcano, but without any additional funding, they will not be possible, so hopefully this campaign can be beneficial to both of us :). 

So please check out the campaign, share and/or grab some amazing savings (up to a whopping £50!)

Much love and sparklies,


VelvetVolcano on YouTube! March 10 2016

Check out the VelvetVolcano YouTube channel for behind the scenes, my experience of running a creative business while being chronically ill and lots more!


March 'Meet the Maker' March 05 2016

On my daily (or, ahem, several times daily) instagram trawl I happened upon the #marchmeetthemaker hashtag and thought it looked like a fun way for my followers (social media, not cult.. they already know me just fine ;) ) to get to know me better :). 

The 'March Meet the Maker' idea was created by the very talented Joanne Hawker and you can find her adorable designs and illustrations here :).

Here is my Instagram Challenge, a week early to give you time to prepare! I’ve used the hashtag #MarchMeetTheMaker as this challenge is all about telling people the story of your business and allowing your customers to see and learn a little more about you and the process that goes into the beautiful things that you work so hard to create. The challenge kicks off on Tuesday 1st March 2016 and absolutely anyone can join in, in fact, the more the merrier! All you have to do is post a daily photo to Instagram relating to the prompt of that day and tag it with #MarchMeetTheMaker to take part. It’s that simple! I can’t wait to see what you post and learn a little more about you. Have fun! #instachallenge #instagramchallenge #business #businesschallenge #smallbusiness #meetthemaker #photoaday #photoadaychallenge #photoadaymarch

A photo posted by joannehawker (@joannehawker) on



Looks good huh? :D So here is Day 1-3 of my 'March Meet the Maker', keep up to date with them throughout the month by following me on Instagram 

 DAY 1


 DAY 2


Day 2 of #marchmeetthemaker - YOU! (not you, me! ;) ) Hey gals and ghouls, this is me in my many incarnations, surrounded by some of my favourite things (Buffy, The Hunger Games, Unicorns and Bioshock wouldn't quite fit ;) ) - leopard print, 'clashy' colours and fancy frames ^_^. My name is Tamsyn, I'm 26 years old and live with my other half Jason and our 2 furbabies in the beautiful (but temperamental, weather wise) land of Cornwall. I've been running VV now for just over 6 years and I have no plans of stopping (though my chronic illness has tried many a time to stop me) and my ideas keep on coming :). I love my job and I am hugely grateful to all my lovely customers and supporters for allowing me to continue on this journey. I would be truly lost without you and VV. Thank you! XOXO

A photo posted by Tamsyn Martin (@velvetvolcano) on




See you soon gals and ghouls! I hope you're all well!
Much love and sparkles,

How to maximise your 'Sparkle-Points' February 15 2016

Hey gals and ghouls and Happy end of Monday (I know how much they suck for some of us ;) ) 

Today's post is regarding Sparkle-Points and the other ways you can earn them and grab some special discounts ^_^.

If you're looking at the term 'Sparkle-Points' and feeling extremely confused, don't worry, I have explained ALL here - 'Sparkle-Points, what are they?!'

Hopefully now everyone is up to speed... let's talk about the couple of other ways you can earn your points :).

The Sparkle Points scheme has just been updated and now includes the following ways to earn points - 

♥ Share on Facebook - get 2 points for your first share :).
♥ Like our Facebook page - get 4 points 
♥ Share on Twitter - get 2 points
♥ Follow our Twitter - get 4 points 
♥ Follow our Instagram - get 4 points
♥ Earn 2 points on your Birthday every year :)
♥ Earn 15 points when you refer a friend AND they get a special 15% off discount code too!

Not only that, but there's also these other ways to show your support and earn sparkle-points too! :)

♥ Take a collection photo ♥
If you have over 5 pieces of VV, you've got yourself a little collection worthy of showing the sparkle-adoring masses! ;) Share your collection photo/s on Instagram with the hashtag #VelvetVolcano and @VelvetVolcano, post them to the VelvetVolcano Facebook page or email them to me at to gain yourself 2 points! :)

♥ Take a VV-adorned Selfie ♥
Nothing makes me happier than to see you gorgeous gals and ghouls rockin' your spooky, sweet and sparkly goodies and now you get a little extra back too! Share your customer pics in the same way as the collection photos above and snag 3 points!

♥ Review your goodies ♥
Okay, so reviews are pretty much on par with lovely customer photos, it's so wonderful to hear what you lovelies think of your new goodies and in return for reviewing each order you can snap up 2 points per item! :) Just head over to the item page and check out the review form :). 

And that's all for now folks! Happy Sparkle-Point earning!

Much love and sparklies,


You repulse me the least <3 PLUS win a £15 voucher! January 27 2016

You repulse me the least

Roses are red, Violets are blue, that last ones a lie.. but I'll always love you!

Whether you love or hate Valentine's Day, there's no doubt that the heart shape is a big fave here at VelvetVolcano.. so here's some of my favourite picks :) grab them as a gift for your beau or as a treat for yourself ;) after all.. "if you can't love yourself, how in the hell you gonna love anyone else?" ;)
I Heart Music Necklace V.2Leopard Wildheart Hair Clip (Neon Sour)AMETHYST Heart Shaped SunniesMini Pixel Heart Necklace
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Want to win a £15 gift code?

All you need to do is monumentally help me out by answering this very quick survey, include your email address at the end to be entered into a draw to win £15 to spend on whatever you like at VV! :)

Much love and sparklies

January FLASH SALE! Up to 60% off while stocks last! January 04 2016


The VelvetVolcano Gift Idea Rundown December 11 2015

If you are a disorganised person like myself, you may be panicking about now, the gift giving season is almost upon us and you still have to get a Secret Santa gift for your rainbow-loving co-worker, a special present for your spooky sister and something cosy for your cousin.
Not to worry! VV is here to save the day! :)
Here's a rundown of my top picks for every budget from VelvetVolcano this year, as well as a reminder of the last order dates to ensure you get your goodies in time! :)

Secret Santa
Mini Present Brooch - £5.50
Mini Eye See You Hair Clip - £9.20
Mini Bat Brooch - £5.95

Find more in the 'Under £10' section

Stocking Stuffers
(Budget from £10-16)
FrankenKitty Skinny Scarf - £14.30
Pastel Rainbow Cloud Necklace - £14.40
'Earl Grey' Reindeer Necklace - £14.35
Wildheart Hair Clip - £13.85
Dragon Eye Hair Clip - £15.70
FANGS Necklace - £12.55
Watermelon Sunglasses / Phone Cosy - £12.50
Cupcake Hair Clip - £12.20

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Gifts for the person who brings technicolour wonderfulness to your life ^_^
VelvetVolcano Rainbow Jewellery and Accessories
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VelvetVolcano Beyond The Grave Collection
Check out our 'Beyond The Grave' Collection here

Gifts for the person who loves everything (at VV ;) )
VelvetVolcano Mystery Pack
Sounds like they need a Mystery Pack (it'll be light on your wallet too with huge savings of up to £25!)

When you want to go all out and spoil your soulmate, best friend... or yourself ;)
VelvetVolcano Beetlejuice Inspired Crochet Apparel SetVelvetVolcano Red Watermelon Rhinestone Encrusted Sparkly Jewellery and Crochet Apparel SetVelvetVolcano FrankenKitty Jewellery, Accessories and Apparel Set
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And don't forget folks these are our last order dates...

Happy Holidays folks, however you are celebrating (or not :) ) - here's to a wonderful 2016!

Much love and sparkles,

Leg Warmers - Friend or Foe? November 23 2015

To some, just saying the words leg and warmers in the same sentence will evoke memories of the 80s, a dance montage or a fitness video..
To others, leg warmers are an adorable (and super cosy) addition to a cute outfit.
Where do you stand? Leg Warmers, friend or foe?
On the fence? Let's take a look at some examples and see if we can sway you..

Jane Fonda wearing leg warmers
So, 80's style fitness leg warmers may have been the first image that came to mind (especially if they were neon and worn by Jane Fonda or Olivia Newton John etc.. ;) ).. and not that there's anything particularly wrong with them, they definitely have their place (mostly for 80's themed fancy dress these days ;) ).. but I'm sure we can do better than that!

How about.. leg warmers on the runway and in high fashion?

Marc Jacobs Fall 2006
How about these muted chocolate tone snugglies from Marc Jacobs Fall 2006 paired with a wedge heel?

Or, if you need a brighter colour (of course you do, you are on the VelvetVolcano website after all ;) ).. what do you think of these from Prada S/S 2014? Complete with added glitz, of course!
Prada S/S 2014 Leg Warmers

High fashion not quite your thing? Not to worry!
Whether you're into Cybergoth looks like the awesome TRIPLESIX...

Are a Leg Warmer wearing Queen like Kato or Psychara..
Kato from Steampunk CouturePsychara

Or you're super-kawaii...
Harajuku Girls

there are definitely leg warmers for everyone!

So, why this sudden obsession with leg warmers, you ask? Well, honestly, it's an obsession that I've had for a good long while ;) (possibly 20 years to be exact ;) ).. but I digress, the main reason is because I am bringing leg warmers to VV!
Brightly coloured, spooky, fruity and much more! So if you like cosy ankles and an extra pop of colour (or spookiness ;) ) to your outfit, keep those sparkle-hunting eyes peeled ;).

Check out the first pair of Rainbow Striped cosiness right here!

Much love and sparkles!

"So long" sparklies... October 16 2015

After much deliberation, I have made the tough decision to discontinue some of my products. The items in question simply do not gel with my aesthetic any more or follow the direction in which I wish VelvetVolcano to go.
I have many fond memories of these pieces, but it is time for them to say goodbye. On the 25th of October these items will be gone from for good, so to send them off in style they are all 30% off until the 25th of October with the code SEEyaSPARKLES (pop your goodies into your basket and use the code at checkout to grab the discount).

Don't miss them folks, they won't be around forever ;).

VelvetVolcano Clearance Sale

My adventures with 'No-(Sham)Poo' October 09 2015

Hey Gals and Ghouls!

It's still early days, but I wanted to let you know about something I've been trying and so far having great results with - No-Poo!
Yes, I know the name sounds a little strange and as if I could become very constipated (sorry! :P ) at the end of it... or become some kind of supernatural being.. (?).. but no! This means no shampoo!

The 'No-Poo' movement has been gaining more and more exposure in recent times and I finally decided to take the plunge after a few years of researching, feeling overwhelmed, buying yet another cruelty free 'natural' shampoo, having dry frizzy hair and a horribly itchy scalp, researching and rinse and repeat ;).

My personal method is as follows..
'Shampoo' with baking soda and warm water - massage into scalp as you would regular shampoo and rinse.
Baking Soda
Mix half a cup of apple cider vinegar (I use Biona, which I get in a 5 L jug *as I LOVE the stuff* here ), with half a cup of water and a generous dose of peppermint and lavender oil, which takes away the overly vinegary smell and makes my scalp feel super tingly and invigorated :D. I pop this mixture into a spray bottle, give it a bit of a shake and then spray enough to 'coat' my scalp, the remaining liquid is poured over the rest of my Afghan Hound-esque mane of hair, that can and does often double as a scarf (spraying this would be impossible :P but may be more do-able for those with shorter locks - I envy you ;) ). I leave for a few minutes and then rinse (with cold water if I can stand it).
Peppermint Oil
My hair has never been this smooth, soft and shiny after washing.. ever! My scalp has never felt this good, is very rarely itchy and my huge mane of frizzy long hair has now been tamed! I will try and get some photos together if possible when a little more time has passed... but I am officially a convert. No more (shamp)poo for me!

To find out a little bit more about the 'No Poo' method, here are a couple of my favourite links..
'The No Poo Method'
'One Year Without Shampoo'

Have you or would you try it?


PROMOTERS Wanted October 08 2015

Hey Gals and Ghouls!

If you're following VV on Instagram (and if not, come on over now! :D ) you may have already seen that I'm on the lookout for some lovely magpies to be a part of Team VV :).

I've had a couple of questions about what being a Team VV Promoter would entail and that all depends on your skill-set ^_^. Absolutely anyone can apply, if you love VV, want to support a small business AND receive a bundle of spooky, sweet and sparkly goodies - then please do take part! :)

The search is only on instagram as the main thing we are looking for is for each magpie to take a mix of photos (of items on their own, in the persons chosen style and of the items being worn in various settings that fit with your and the brands aesthetic - we picked you because of your individual instagram feed and personality :) ) to be uploaded to their instagram (and then featured on VV's various sites / profiles) and also (here's where the 'skill-set' part comes in) on their blog (in the form of outfit posts, review type posts etc), in their youtube videos (whether it be an actual VV feature or just being worn within your general videos) and/or within photo-shoots (if they are a model).
You do not HAVE to have any of the last 3, but it would be great if you did :).

If this all sounds appealing to you, just head over to the VV instagram post HERE and follow the simple instructions :D.

Much love and sparkles!


A SALE on Mother Natures bounty, could it be? October 07 2015

There's just one day left to snap up our fabulously floral and fruity 'Eden' range at a sneaky discounted price! To make way for the gloriously ghoulish new Halloween pieces we are having a HUGE 30% off sale off on the floral and fruity wonders inspired by Mother Natures beautiful bounty :).


Discount is already applied.


Sale prices valid until 8th October.






Sparkle-Points, what are they?! October 07 2015

Hey gals and ghouls!
So, you may have noticed the little tab to the left of the site that says 'Rewards Program'. This is a very special little tab that can grant all of your wishes. Well.. I can't make any promises that it'll get you that honeymoon in Bali or that dishwasher that if you've got to that scary realm of adulthood like me, you now suddenly want more than anything... O_O. BUT, it can make all your sparkly VV dreams come true! (And what is life without a little bit of sparkle, am I right? ;) )
Give that little button a click :) (go on, it wont bite!).
This is what you should see..
VelvetVolcano Sparkle-Points Loyalty Scheme
So what are these 'Sparkle-Points' you ask? Well, let's click on 'Earn Points' to find out more :)...
VelvetVolcano Sparkle-Points Loyalty Scheme
So, you can gain Sparkle-Points every time you order on and you get a welcome gift to the program of 5 points when you sign up for store account :).
If you've ordered here before your points have already been adjusted to account for your orders (I'm afraid if you have ordered through Paypal direct, or on Etsy these cannot be applied, the Sparkle-Points program is valid only for orders on However, if you have a significantly large VelvetVolcano collection you will gain extra points as being part of 'Team VV' :) )
Rewards start at 50 points then increase to 100, 250 and finally 500 (for a whopping saving of £50 :O ).

I hope you enjoy earning your sparkle-points folks!

Much love and sparkles!


What I Wore #2 - 30/05/2015 June 09 2015

My personal style, like my brand and products, is a big stew-pot full of different looks and 'themes' all cooked up to create the spooky, sweet and sparkly package that is me :).


H&M cropped black lace biker jacket & neon pink leopard print leggings

Topshop bleached denim mini skirt

Supre (Australian brand) anatomical skeleton print vest

VelvetVolcano 'Eye See You' Necklace

And of course, the constant in all of my outfits.. my 'vegan' aluminium ring from 'The Issues'


What I Wore #1 - 28/05/2015 June 09 2015

Ever since I was a child I have loved to mix patterns and colours and feel very strange without at least 2 different patterns and definitely shy away from clothes in just one colour (though I occasionally make an exception for black ;) ). So with this outfit I am wearing 3 different patterns and it makes me feel like ME :).

Cardi - Red with black polka dots cropped cardigan from Divided @ H&M
Dress - Blue with hawaiian style red and green floral print from New Look
Leggings - Natural leopard print leggings (I live in leggings :P) from Topshop
Necklace - Vampire Cupcake from Little Miss Delicious
Sunglasses - 'FLAME' Heart Shaped Sunnies



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