Sparkle-Points, what are they?!

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Hey gals and ghouls!
So, you may have noticed the little tab to the left of the site that says 'Rewards Program'. This is a very special little tab that can grant all of your wishes. Well.. I can't make any promises that it'll get you that honeymoon in Bali or that dishwasher that if you've got to that scary realm of adulthood like me, you now suddenly want more than anything... O_O. BUT, it can make all your sparkly VV dreams come true! (And what is life without a little bit of sparkle, am I right? ;) )
Give that little button a click :) (go on, it wont bite!).
This is what you should see..
VelvetVolcano Sparkle-Points Loyalty Scheme
So what are these 'Sparkle-Points' you ask? Well, let's click on 'Earn Points' to find out more :)...
VelvetVolcano Sparkle-Points Loyalty Scheme
So, you can gain Sparkle-Points every time you order on and you get a welcome gift to the program of 5 points when you sign up for store account :).
If you've ordered here before your points have already been adjusted to account for your orders (I'm afraid if you have ordered through Paypal direct, or on Etsy these cannot be applied, the Sparkle-Points program is valid only for orders on However, if you have a significantly large VelvetVolcano collection you will gain extra points as being part of 'Team VV' :) )
Rewards start at 50 points then increase to 100, 250 and finally 500 (for a whopping saving of £50 :O ).

I hope you enjoy earning your sparkle-points folks!

Much love and sparkles!


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