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Hey Gals and Ghouls!

If you're following VV on Instagram (and if not, come on over now! :D ) you may have already seen that I'm on the lookout for some lovely magpies to be a part of Team VV :).

I've had a couple of questions about what being a Team VV Promoter would entail and that all depends on your skill-set ^_^. Absolutely anyone can apply, if you love VV, want to support a small business AND receive a bundle of spooky, sweet and sparkly goodies - then please do take part! :)

The search is only on instagram as the main thing we are looking for is for each magpie to take a mix of photos (of items on their own, in the persons chosen style and of the items being worn in various settings that fit with your and the brands aesthetic - we picked you because of your individual instagram feed and personality :) ) to be uploaded to their instagram (and then featured on VV's various sites / profiles) and also (here's where the 'skill-set' part comes in) on their blog (in the form of outfit posts, review type posts etc), in their youtube videos (whether it be an actual VV feature or just being worn within your general videos) and/or within photo-shoots (if they are a model).
You do not HAVE to have any of the last 3, but it would be great if you did :).

If this all sounds appealing to you, just head over to the VV instagram post HERE and follow the simple instructions :D.

Much love and sparkles!


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