How to maximise your 'Sparkle-Points'

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Hey gals and ghouls and Happy end of Monday (I know how much they suck for some of us ;) ) 

Today's post is regarding Sparkle-Points and the other ways you can earn them and grab some special discounts ^_^.

If you're looking at the term 'Sparkle-Points' and feeling extremely confused, don't worry, I have explained ALL here - 'Sparkle-Points, what are they?!'

Hopefully now everyone is up to speed... let's talk about the couple of other ways you can earn your points :).

The Sparkle Points scheme has just been updated and now includes the following ways to earn points - 

♥ Share on Facebook - get 2 points for your first share :).
♥ Like our Facebook page - get 4 points 
♥ Share on Twitter - get 2 points
♥ Follow our Twitter - get 4 points 
♥ Follow our Instagram - get 4 points
♥ Earn 2 points on your Birthday every year :)
♥ Earn 15 points when you refer a friend AND they get a special 15% off discount code too!

Not only that, but there's also these other ways to show your support and earn sparkle-points too! :)

♥ Take a collection photo ♥
If you have over 5 pieces of VV, you've got yourself a little collection worthy of showing the sparkle-adoring masses! ;) Share your collection photo/s on Instagram with the hashtag #VelvetVolcano and @VelvetVolcano, post them to the VelvetVolcano Facebook page or email them to me at to gain yourself 2 points! :)

♥ Take a VV-adorned Selfie ♥
Nothing makes me happier than to see you gorgeous gals and ghouls rockin' your spooky, sweet and sparkly goodies and now you get a little extra back too! Share your customer pics in the same way as the collection photos above and snag 3 points!

♥ Review your goodies ♥
Okay, so reviews are pretty much on par with lovely customer photos, it's so wonderful to hear what you lovelies think of your new goodies and in return for reviewing each order you can snap up 2 points per item! :) Just head over to the item page and check out the review form :). 

And that's all for now folks! Happy Sparkle-Point earning!

Much love and sparklies,


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