FANGS Brooch


Vamp it up with your own set of sparkly fangs - the only kind of sparkle you'll find on a VelvetVolcano Vamp ;).

Available with 'Pearly Whites' (White Pearl Teeth - shown in pictures 1-5) or 'Crystal Clean' (Clear Crystal Teeth - shown in picture 6), blood and outline will remain as Red and Black crystals.

Your spooktacular brooch is completely handmade from scratch - each rhinestone is delicately placed by hand and secured with a strong adhesive onto a hand-crafted plastic base that has been backed with a colour complimenting felt backing (made from recycled plastic bottles) for extra durability. All brooches also feature a silver plated brooch pin that has been meticulously hand stitched and adhered to the felt backing and plastic base. 

Just over 9cms wide / 5cms high

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