FIRE Orange and Black Cat-Eye Sunglasses


Protect your peepers with sparkle-power!

Our cat-eye sunglasses are purrrfect for vintage Betty's and anyone 'rockin' the Rockabilly look.

VelvetVolcano sunglasses are lovingly crystal encrusted by hand with a strong adhesive to make sure your sparklies stay put - please do take care when wearing however as they're not indestructible ;) and make sure to store in a case when you're not displaying them on your glorious head :).

'FIRE' features Orange Aurora Borealis / rainbow effect crystals (of varying sizes), this means that whichever way you turn your head while wearing your new sparklified sunnies there will be a different colour shining from them - extra special bling :). Colours range from a pastel lilac to turquoise and summery lemon/lime.

UV 400 Protection

Total frame width: 14.5cm
Lens width: 5cm
Total frame height: : approx 5.5cm

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