NecroKitty Necklace


This FrankenKitty has been crafted by our resident undead specialist, from two zombie Sphynx cats to build the perfect kreepy kitty - muahahaha!

❤ Inspired by the ghoulishly creepy 'Frankenstein's Monster' and the quintessential Halloween imagery of Black Cats :), this necklace is super sparkly and perfect for gals and ghouls who love sparkles and spookiness. ❤

Your sparkle-tastic necklace is completely handmade from scratch and features a crystal encrusted (each crystal is delicately placed by hand and secured with a strong adhesive), hand-crafted plastic base and a colour complimenting vegan-friendly felt (where possible, this is made from recycled plastic bottles) backing for extra comfort and durability.  All VelvetVolcano necklaces come with your choice of chain length. Chains include a super strong torpedo clasp, for easy use and to be kind to your talons :).

11cms wide and 9cms high

FrankenKitty necklace shown in pictures 7 & 8 for size reference, find it here!

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