Rain Cloud Brooch


For those who see the beauty in the rain and a cloudy day, now with added sparkles ^_^. Each Rain Cloud Brooch is lovingly encrusted with fluffy cloud-esque White pearls and silver-lining Clear crystals with Turquoise dangling rain drop colour.

Your sparkle-tastic brooch is completely handmade from scratch - each rhinestone and faux pearl is delicately placed by hand and secured with a strong adhesive onto a hand-crafted plastic base that has been backed with a colour complimenting felt backing (made from recycled plastic bottles) for extra durability. All brooches also feature a silver plated brooch pin that has been meticulously hand stitched and adhered to the felt backing and plastic base. The raindrops dangle from silver plated chain for an extra special, quirky touch ^_^.

Cloud measures 8.5cms wide and just over 5cms high. Raindrops including chain measure approx 3.5cms high. 

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