Tombstone Scarf


You creep into the midnight cloaked boneyard, taking a few silent steps towards the towering mausoleum ahead. As you creak open the door, suddenly a ghostly chill runs down your neck..
"Damn it! I thought I asked Lestat to deal with the central heating!"

I guess you need one of these ;).

Your scarf will be completely handmade from 100% vegan soft acrylic yarn in your choice of 'Grass' Colour (Emerald, Neon Green or Spearmint), Black (cross) and your choice of 'Stone' Colour (Storm or Slate). Each scarf measures approximately 162 cm long (including fringe) and 9 cm wide.

PLEASE NOTE, placement and general look of the 'grass' may vary slightly from the image. This means your scarf will be extra special to you and no two will be exactly alike :).


Machine washable at 30 degrees on gentle cycle. Dry naturally.

Eyeballing a matching pair of mittens or gloves?


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