Leg Warmers - Friend or Foe?

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To some, just saying the words leg and warmers in the same sentence will evoke memories of the 80s, a dance montage or a fitness video..
To others, leg warmers are an adorable (and super cosy) addition to a cute outfit.
Where do you stand? Leg Warmers, friend or foe?
On the fence? Let's take a look at some examples and see if we can sway you..

Jane Fonda wearing leg warmers
So, 80's style fitness leg warmers may have been the first image that came to mind (especially if they were neon and worn by Jane Fonda or Olivia Newton John etc.. ;) ).. and not that there's anything particularly wrong with them, they definitely have their place (mostly for 80's themed fancy dress these days ;) ).. but I'm sure we can do better than that!

How about.. leg warmers on the runway and in high fashion?

Marc Jacobs Fall 2006
How about these muted chocolate tone snugglies from Marc Jacobs Fall 2006 paired with a wedge heel?

Or, if you need a brighter colour (of course you do, you are on the VelvetVolcano website after all ;) ).. what do you think of these from Prada S/S 2014? Complete with added glitz, of course!
Prada S/S 2014 Leg Warmers

High fashion not quite your thing? Not to worry!
Whether you're into Cybergoth looks like the awesome TRIPLESIX...

Are a Leg Warmer wearing Queen like Kato or Psychara..
Kato from Steampunk CouturePsychara

Or you're super-kawaii...
Harajuku Girls

there are definitely leg warmers for everyone!

So, why this sudden obsession with leg warmers, you ask? Well, honestly, it's an obsession that I've had for a good long while ;) (possibly 20 years to be exact ;) ).. but I digress, the main reason is because I am bringing leg warmers to VV!
Brightly coloured, spooky, fruity and much more! So if you like cosy ankles and an extra pop of colour (or spookiness ;) ) to your outfit, keep those sparkle-hunting eyes peeled ;).

Check out the first pair of Rainbow Striped cosiness right here!

Much love and sparkles!

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