Two ovals with pictures of Tamsyn - a 31 year old woman wearing a pink, yellow and turquoise striped crocheted bucket hat, rainbow framed glasses - she has her light brown hair in low pigtails and Linda, Tamsyn's mother who has shoulder length dark brown hair and is wearing a grey suit jacket, dusky pink blouse and a beaded necklace. The ovals are on a pink background with white sparkles and green, turquoise, hot pink, purple and yellow hearts on the left and right sides of the image.

Hey folks! ^_^

We are a daughter and mother team, I (Tamsyn) started VelvetVolcano way back in 2009 on my own by making super-sparkly statement jewellery and accessories and I ran VV solely up until 2014 when Mumma VV (as we affectionately know her ^_^) joined the team and we began adding crocheted hats, scarvesgloves and mittens to the VelvetVolcano 'repertoire'.

When I began VelvetVolcano back in 2009, I was struggling with chronic illness and VV was a great creative escape and a way of expressing myself, as the business grew unfortunately my health had declined also and eventually (in 2018-2019) I had to start phasing out my jewellery and sunglasses making.

Over the years we have expanded our crochet products to include berets, bucket hats, bags, leg warmers, Peter Pan collars, badges, hair accessories, headbands, hoodswall hangings and even clothing (like our best selling rainbow striped cardigans 😍) and we have many more plans to widen this range too!


Our roles in VelvetVolcano are as follows...

Tamsyn: Designer, Photographer, Social Media and Web Manager, Customer Service, Web/Graphic Design, Marketing, Hand Sewing (for small and intricate details) etc.

Mumma VV: Crocheter Extraordinaire, Machine Sewing (bag linings etc), Order Packing and Dispatch


So if you get in contact with us via email or social media, you will always be speaking to me (Tamsyn) and if you have a custom order request, I will be the person designing your item/s and then Mumma VV will be the person making your item/s and the majority of the time she will also be packaging and shipping them 😃.

At VV we love to create an eye-catching mix of cute, colourful and creepy statement fashion and accessories that stand out in a crowd and erupt with colour ^_^. Each piece can take anywhere from an hour to 6+ hours to complete, depending on the size and requirements for that item :). 
I'm often asked 'Why the name VelvetVolcano?'
VelvetVolcano by my own definition means 'an eruption of glorious things' (and I swear it has nothing to do with a film called 'The Oh in Ohio' haha, though I was very entertained when I saw it mentioned) and is essentially the two sides of my brand. 'Velvet' is sweet and cute, inspired by flowers and nature, cute food and pretty things (with a lot of pink!). 'Volcano' is the dark side, inspired by horror, gore, the macabre, Halloween and rock 'n' roll.

Customer service and satisfaction is very important to me and I will always do my very best to ensure you are happy with the service you receive at VelvetVolcano, from custom requests and attention to detail to general order fulfillment. You are greatly appreciated here at VV and your orders are always received with a smile and sent off with love and rainbows (or spookiness, if that's more your thing ^_^ ) :).

I sincerely hope you love what you find here at VelvetVolcano and thank you very much for checking out our work!

Much love and rainbows,
Tamsyn and Mumma VV



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