VelvetVolcano first erupted in November 2009, created by Tamsyn Martin for gals and ghouls with an affinity for sparkles and spookiness.

Hey gals and ghouls :).

My name is Tamsyn (sometimes referred to as Velvet :) ) and I started VelvetVolcano in November 2009. Illustration by https://dumboybk.myportfolio.com
Originally VelvetVolcano was a hobby and an escape for me while suffering with chronic illness, something to help keep my mind off my health and pain, a way to unleash my creativity. I started sharing my creations on social media and was delighted to discover that people loved what I had made, I started taking custom orders not long after this and the rest is history! I became self-employed in 2010 :).
I ran VelvetVolcano solely up until the last few years as unfortunately my health has gotten worse and a lot more complicated, but I will not go down without a fight and continue to run my business (with a lot of help with things like Post Office runs as I am no longer mobile etc) as it means the world to me, I feel I was born to be a designer :). VelvetVolcano is now a family run operation and we welcomed 'Mumma VV' to the team in 2014.

At VV we love to create an eye-catching mix of sparkly, super cute and spectacularly spooky statement accessories that stand out in a crowd. Each jewellery piece and pair of sunglasses is designed and completely handmade from scratch by me including crystal encrusting by hand (each rhinestone has been carefully selected and hand-set). Each piece can take anywhere from an hour to 6+ hours to complete, depending on the size and requirements for that item :). Each piece of crochet wear has been designed by me and handmade by Mumma VV who is a self-taught crochet master and brings my kooky designs to life!
I'm often asked 'Why the name VelvetVolcano?'
VelvetVolcano by my own definition means 'an eruption of glorious things' (and I swear it has nothing to do with a film called 'The Oh in Ohio' haha, though I was very entertained when I saw it mentioned :P) and is essentially the two sides of my brand. 'Velvet' is sweet and cute, inspired by flowers and nature, cupcakes and pretty things (with a lot of pink!). 'Volcano' is the dark side, inspired by horror, gore, the macabre, Halloween and rock 'n' roll.
The general theme throughout my work (be it cute or ghoulish) is to capture the eye - VelvetVolcano pieces are wearable disco balls and are created to showcase your uniqueness and spread joy (or horror ;) ).

Customer service and satisfaction is very important to me and I will always do my very best to ensure you are happy with the service you receive at VelvetVolcano, from custom requests and attention to detail to general order fulfillment. You are greatly appreciated here at VV and your orders are always received with a smile and sent off with love and sparkles :).

I sincerely hope you love what you find here at VelvetVolcano and thank you very much for checking out our work!

Much love and sparkles,

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