Custom Work

Whatever your shape, whatever your size, with VelvetVolcano you can customise! ^_^
Looking for something colourful, cute or creepy and made to your specifications?
You've come to the right place!
Almost everything at VelvetVolcano can be adjusted to make it the perfect piece for you; whether that be a simple colour change, making something to your measurements or adding additional levels of personalisation.

Here's a few examples of the variety of custom pieces we can make..
A black, lilac and white crocheted pixie hood. One side of the hood features vertical lilac and black stripes, the other side is plain black but features an applique ghost and hand stitched "BOO!". The hood also features a lilac pom pom at the point of the hood and braided lilac, white and black ties at the front of the hood that finish with black pom poms.
A black crocheted pixie hood with white ghost applique, purple trim, ties and a purple pom pom at the point of the hood.
A black crocheted pixie hood with purple and white bat applique pattern, purple trim, ties and a purple pom pom at the point of the hood.
A striped crocheted jumper in burgundy, black, dark pink, turquoise and purple
A purple pair of crocheted fingerless gloves with a rainbow striped cuff and a rainbow applique on the front of each glove that has a white cloud on one end of the rainbow.
A dark forest green crocheted beret and Peter Pan collar set. Both items feature mustard yellow and white and dark raspberry pink and baby pink flower appliques. The collar also features a white frill trim around the bottom edge.
A neon green and black striped crocheted blanket, laid over a turquoise chair.
A turquoise crocheted beanie with purple brim and a turquoise, purple and light grey turtle applique on the front.
A purple crocheted beanie and scarf set. The beanie features 2 rainbow pom poms at the top of the hat, positioned like animal ears, a rainbow applique with white clouds on either end and a rainbow striped brim. The scarf features a repeating white cloud applique pattern and a rainbow cloud applique on each end of the scarf, the scarf also features rainbow tassels.
Crocheted skirt in a diagonal rainbow pattern
NecroKitty Hoody - Lilac and Violet Purple Frankenstein's Monster Inspired Crochet Hooded Sweater with Cat Ears, Stitches, Pom Pom Hood Ties and attached fingerless gloves by VelvetVolcano
Bright Rainbow Striped Crochet Acrylic Leg Warmers by VelvetVolcano
Lyme, Fibro and Lupus Custom Cat Ear Awareness Beanie by VelvetVolcano
Custom Lilac, Turquoise and Bubblegum Pink FrankenKitty Beanie - Pastel Goth Frankensteins Monster Inspired Crochet Hat with Ear Flaps and Pom Poms by VelvetVolcano
Crochet Hat inspired by the video game 'A Hat in Time' by VelvetVolcano
LUCIFUR Custom Crochet Rose Red, Burgundy, Black and Buttercup Yellow Ear Flap Hat with Cat Ears and Pom Poms by VelvetVolcano
Rainbow Gradient Crochet Hat, Scarf and Gloves Set by VelvetVolcano
Neon Green Crochet Spider Web Circular Backpack by VelvetVolcano
Black and White Spider Web Kiss Clasp Crochet Purse by VelvetVolcano
Pastel Goth Lilac, Black & Bubblegum Pink Crochet Cardigan with Ghost Pockets by VelvetVolcano
Dark Rainbow Granny Square Crochet Shrug by VelvetVolcano
Baby Pink and Lilac Striped Over The Knee Crochet Leg Warmers with Pom Poms by VelvetVolcano
If you have some ideas in mind for a custom piece, please contact us!


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