Sizing Info

Sizing Information

Although we have some set sizing options for our items, everything(!) can be made to measure. The measurements we need from you will depend on your specific requirements and the item in question, so please contact us via our Contact Form with more details about the item you would like made to measure and your specific fit requirements (this also includes homewares, if you need something to be made a specific size for a particular space in your home etc).

For custom fit items we prefer measurements in centimetres if possible as they are more accurate for us. If you do not have a fabric tape measure (though they are the best option - and generally very inexpensive to buy and useful to have around the house) you can use string or even a cable and a ruler to measure by wrapping the string/cable around your head for example and keeping a tight grip on the correct point and then measuring that distance with a ruler (or metal tape measure etc).

How to Measure for Berets

Measuring for Berets Graphic by VelvetVolcano
Place the tape measure behind the ears so it goes around the top of the head and the base of the skull/nape of the neck.

How to Measure for Clothing

Measuring for Clothes Graphic by VelvetVolcano

Our cardigan and jumper sizing is by bust measurement, but as listed on the items themselves if you have a larger hip measurement than bust measurement, you may want to size up for our long cardigans. Please feel free to contact us via the contact form for more help with the perfect size for you. 

How to Measure for Gloves

Measuring for Gloves Graphic by VelvetVolcano
Measuring for Gloves and Mittens involves getting the measurement (centimetres are always preferred if possible as they are more accurate) of your palm width, your wrist circumference and the length from the tip of your longest finger for mittens, or to the middle knuckle (for gloves) to where the cuff of the mitten/glove would end (on each gloves/mittens product it will state how long the cuff is, please use this as a guide and measure from the base of your palm the length of the cuff - that will be the end point that you need to measure to).

How to Measure for Hats (all hats including beanies but excluding berets)

Measuring Hats Graphic by VelvetVolcano
Place tape measure about 1 inch above your eyebrows and just above the ears, please take the measurement of the circumference of your head from this position.

These are our standard hat sizes:

3-6 Months: Hat Height - 6” Head Circumference - 14-15”

6-12 Months: Hat Height - 6.25” Head Circumference - 15.5-16.5”

12-24 Months: Hat Height - 6.5-7” Head Circumference - 16-18”

Toddler: Hat Height - 7-7.5” Head Circumference - 18-19”

Child: Hat Height - 7.5-8” Head Circumference - 19-20”

Teen/Small Adult: Hat Height - 8” Head Circumference - 21”

Standard Adult: Hat Height - 8.5” Head Circumference - 22-23”

How to Measure for Leg Warmers

Measuring for Leg Warmers Graphic by VelvetVolcano
Our standard leg warmers come in 3 size options, as listed on each product page but we can also make them to measure. To find out the best size for you (whether that be one of our 3 size options, or custom fit) you will need to measure (centimetres are preferred if possible, for better accuracy) the circumference of just under the knee, circumference of widest part of calf, the circumference of the ankle and the length from ankle to just under the knee. 
We can also custom make different leg warmer styles and lengths, so please contact us HERE.


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