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Happy New Year folks! 

I'm sure we are all glad to see the back of 2020, it was a dreadful year for most of the world, but your support of VelvetVolcano in 2020 was amazing and so I'm here to give you a bunch of reasons to stick with VelvetVolcano in 2021! ^_^

💖 What we offer you 💖

💖 The option for truly unique pieces, with 42 yarn colours to choose from and endless customisation options, you can express your personal style fully.

💖 Made to measure service. If our sizing options don't work for you, we can make any of our items to fit you if you can supply your measurements. No more stress over mass produced, ill-fitting items!

💖 Over 200 colourful, cute and creepy designs each with their own unique features that will bring joy to your life and everyone who sees you wearing them ^_^ (my favourite is when kids see me wearing VelvetVolcano and think I'm a fairy ^_^ - don't forget, kids can wear VelvetVolcano too!).
💖 Beautifully gift wrapped items that come wrapped in colourful tissue paper and a crochet flower (or eyeball if you purchase from our "Eye See You" collection) tie that can be reused to wrap other gifts, as a bracelet, choker, headband or many other things! If you spend over £20 you'll also receive a free FrankenKitty or Rainbow Badge (depending on if your order is spooky or cute themed ^_^)
A pink tissue paper wrapped parcel with a lilac, turquoise and white crocheted flower tie wrapped around it. Attached to the tie is a rainbow badge and in front of the parcel is a VelvetVolcano rainbow flyer. The background is a turquoise fabric cutting board.
💖 Snuggly, vegan friendly, premium quality acrylic clothing and accessories with the option to switch to cotton (for an extra charge) for most products too!

💖 Eye-catching, statement wall art and hanging organisers to bring colour and cuteness to your home too!
💖 Our amazing "Sparkle Points" Loyalty Program that earns you massive discounts up to £50! (And it's completely free!) Find out more HERE!

💖 Slow fashion! Everything is made to order, in smaller quantities so there is no waste and you are supporting more ethical production.

💖 We have spent over 11 years honing our designs and craft, so you are receiving products made with true love, care and craftsmanship. 

💖 We can work closely with you to create something completely unique and custom to you (or to whoever you would like a custom item for) - including clothing or homewares items we may not currently have available (we have made and can make skirts, hoodies, blankets, cushions and much more).

💖We take great pride in our customer service, you will always be speaking to Tamsyn (me, Hi! ^_^) - the designer and owner of VelvetVolcano. I know VV inside and out and whether you contact me via social media DM, comment or email, I will be able to answer all of your queries and will always do so with a smile and personalised service :).
💖  How you support us  💖
    We are a very small family business run by a chronically ill and disabled woman (Tamsyn again, Hi! ^_^) and her mother (who is also my carer). VelvetVolcano is not just a way to "pay the bills" or even "just" my passion. Placing an order with VelvetVolcano also directly contributes to my health. My main disease Mast Cell Activation Syndrome is so severe that I require many (often very expensive) accommodations for every single aspect of my life (I won't bore you with the full list  😅  (unless you want a dedicated blog post, in which case, let me know!) but it includes things like air and water purification, special foods, supplements and medications, allergy/chemical filtered respiratory protection, hypoallergenic EVERYTHING etc 😅. When VelvetVolcano is doing well, I have more opportunity to stabilise and even improve my health, so thank you, you have no idea how grateful I am for that.
    I hope 2021 is a much better year and I wish you all the happiness and health for this year and many to follow!
    Love and best wishes,

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