Rainbow Cloud Pennant Wall Hanging

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There is nothing happier than a beautiful Turquoise blue sky, a Rainbow and POM POMS! ^_^ So we've combined them into the perfect wall hanging to brighten up your walls and doors and bring a dose of happiness to your home decor!


Birch Hardwood Dowel

Turquoise 100% Acrylic Yarn Banner with Traditional Bright Rainbow Cloud Motif, Braided Turquoise Hanger and trimmed with Rose Red, Pumpkin Orange, Buttercup Yellow, Emerald Green, Royal Blue and Violet Pom Poms.


Full length including hanger: 14.5 inches

(Pennant Length 10 inches - Hanger Length 4.5 inches)

Pennant Width: 7 inches

Dowel Width: 9 inches



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